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My name is Christine Achieng’ Okello. I am 32years old, and a chef. I met Anderea Onwong’a the director of Elimu Scholarship fund 3years ago when he had come to kenya for missionary, together with some of his colleagues. They had come to my home to see my ailing dad who was a serving elder at the local church at the time. At the end of the session, Mr. Onwong’a whom i refer to as dad now got really concerned about our situation and if he could be of any help. At the time i was in between jobs ,and I had been trusting and praying to God for a breakthrough. 

He took my number and promised to get back to me with the way forward. True to his word, barely two weeks later he called me back with a proposal of whether i would be interested to go back to college, i said yes! To cut the long story short that’s how i got introduced to and became one of the numerous beneficiaries of Elimu Education Schorlaship fund.

I graduated last year in October,2018 with a Diploma in food production. A miracle and a distant dream came true. I might not be there yet but am so grateful and i believe i am equipped for a bright future.

Your donation towards this course Ladies and gentlemen will go a long way towards rewriting and changing someone’s story. Blessings

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